We’ll Set You on a Path to Success

Veterinary Training & Mentorship Tailored to Your Needs

When you join Vet United, you’ll complete a predictive index behavioral assessment so we can match you with growth opportunities and mentors that suit your personality and set you up for success. You’ll also receive what we refer to as a “canine color” based on the assessment, which helps us tailor communication to each of our strengths and supports our ability to succeed at all levels.

Opportunities to Share Our Collective Knowledge

Your voice is important to us, and your opinions and feedback are essential to helping us build a collaborative Hub of collective knowledge that helps us grow. To facilitate this synergistic approach to continuing education and decision-making, hospital leaders routinely attend roundtable discussions and meetings at “the Hub.” This is where we collectively work to make the best decisions for our patients.

Topics we’ll cover together include:

  • Culture
  • Team communication
  • Medical treatments
  • Inventory management
  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Finance

New Grad? Let Us Be Your Guide.

We make starting your career at a veterinary practice and navigating new responsibilities a smooth and enjoyable process for recent graduates. When you join a VU practice, you’ll be assigned a hand-picked, experienced veterinary mentor based off your interests and any focuses you’d like to pursue such as orthopedic surgery, exotic animal medicine, feline medicine, etc. Your mentor is available whenever you need them, reviewing your charts, offering advice on difficult cases, and so much more. We want everyone to succeed, so we give you the tools to do just that.

Excited about what you’re seeing? Jump right in and apply for a position today.

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Opportunities for Upward Movement

Our team members, in any position at our hospitals, all are given opportunities for moving up in their careers. If you have interests in a certain job or certain field, let us know, and we’ll work together to get you there. Ways we help you improve your skillset include:

  • Shadowing opportunities
  • VU-offered CE courses
  • Additional off-site CE opportunities
  • NLP coaching
  • And so much more

Staying Connected

In between routine meetings at “the Hub,” we use several communication tools to stay connected. Basecamp, Facebook pages, Zoom/video conferencing, and more are all used to share our collective knowledge and support collaboration between practice teams at multiple locations. As a part of VU, you have an entire community of knowledgeable veterinary professionals to grow with and learn from.